List of Stewards

                                                                                       Brian Schroeder      Arrowhead Electric

  • Ken Koosmann        Bayfield Electric
  • Elaine Kraemer        City of Brainerd (Administrative Support)             
  • Clark Backstrom      City of Brainerd (Public Utilities)
  • Brad Olson                City of Brainerd (Public Utilities)
  • Jana Pernula            City of Brainerd (Public Utilities)
  • Dave Ethen               Crow Wing - Swanburg
  • Gene Retka               Crow Wing 
  • Justin Wilson           Crow Wing - Brainerd
  • Parry Eidsmoe         Itasca - Mantrap
  • Wade Gould              LCP - Grand Rapids
  • Brian Grondahl        LCP - Mountain Iron
  • Adam Marotz           LCP - McGregor
  • Connie Mitchell       LCP - Mountain Iron
  • Misty Ryan               LCP - Grand Rapids
  • Kris Turnbull           LCP - Saginaw
  • Brian Bentler           Cooperative Light & Power
  • Jeff Coombs             Mille Lacs Energy (Inside)
  • Jay Eide                    Mille Lacs Energy (Outside)
  • Tim Sorensen          Mille Lacs Energy (Outside)
  • Tyler Dahlstrom     MN Energy Resources - Cloquet
  • Ed Esler                    MN Energy Resources - Crosby
  • Greg Manninen       MN Energy Resources - Eveleth
  • Cody Haucke           MN Energy Resources - Grand Rapids
  • Jeff Tykward           MN Energy Resources - Thief River Falls
  • Josh Athman            MP (Little Falls)
  • Keely Bastle              MP (HSC) Service Dispatch
  • Bryce Biegler            MP (Long Prairie)
  • Sheldon Bolin           MP (Boswell)
  • Brian Campbell        MP (Boswell) Unit 4 
  • Mike Conradi            MP (HSC)
  • Jerry Frederick         MP (Rowe) Telecommunications
  • John Gitzen               MP (Boswell) Fuels
  • Gary Hernesman      MP (REC)
  • Chase Hough             MP (HSC) Service Dispatch
  • Tim Howg                  MP (Boswell)
  • Corey Hynek              MP (Coleraine)
  • Marty Jobin                MP (HSC) Fleet Maintenance
  • Andy Kemppainen     MP (Boswell)
  • Ray Klitsch                  MP (HSC)
  • Steve LaFrenier          MP (Eveleth)
  • Brent Lamppa             MP (Eveleth)
  • David Lane                  MP (Hibbard)
  • ​Katie Lindsay              MP (HSC)
  • Jeff Love                      MP (REC)
  • Paul Makowski           MP (Rowe) Telecommunications
  • Joe Mowers                 MP (Pine River)
  • ​Steve Olson                 MP (HSC)
  • Casey Pederson          MP (Crosby)
  • Dustin Pickar              MP (Nisswa)
  • Mike Plesha                 MP (Eveleth)
  • Matt Purdy                  MP (Eveleth)
  • Eli Retka                      MP (Little Falls)
  • David Raisanen          MP (Thomson Hydro)
  • Tim Schwartz              MP (Park Rapids)
  • Bill Sears                      MP (Int'l Falls)
  • Matt Sheridan             MP (Cloquet)
  • Brad Smith                  MP (Little Falls) Hydro
  • Ronnie Staskivige      MP (Boswell)
  • Travis Tammi             MP (REC)
  • Dale Torma                 MP (Eveleth)
  • Marv Trettel                MP (Little Falls)
  • Leo Trunt                     MP (Boswell)
  • Mike Tverberg             MP (Coleraine)
  • Jason Haukland          City of Moose Lake
  • Char Jones                   City of Proctor
  • John Cole                     City of Staples
  • Brent Anderson          SWL&P
  • Ryan Keranen             SWL&P
  • Andrew Serre              SWL&P
  • Brian Tapani               SWL&P
  • Jon Grenier               Todd - Wadena
  • Al Malone                  Todd - Wadena
  • Stuart Anderson      City of Two Harbors
  • Gary Ganser             City of Two Harbors
  • Reed Barthel            City of Wadena 



Scholarships and ​Forms:

Minnesota Power Committees

Apprenticeship Committee:

Sheldon Bolin, Mike Smith, Steve Olson, Bryce Biegler

Audit Committee:

Bill Pribnow, Char Jones, Mike Conradi, Mark Niemi

Ballot Committee:

Ryan Keranen (Election Judge), Katie Lindsay, Brad Trevena,

Jerry Frederick (Alt.)

Carlton County Central Labor Body:

Tim Ryan

Community Assistance:

Dale Torma, Tim Ryan, Connie Mitchell, Ken Jones, Mike Stingle

COPE Committee:

Will Keyes, Dick Sackett, Leo Trunt, Travis Tammi, Brad Smith

Mike Tverberg

Duluth AFL-CIO Central Labor Body:

Will Keyes, Jordan Marquardt

FR Clothing:

Will Keyes, Mike Plesha, Mike Conradi, Craig Schmaltz, Andrew Serre,

Brian Campbell

Iron Range Labor Assembly:

Leo Trunt, Dick Sackett, Dale Torma

MP Incident Review:

Erich Scholl, Sheldon Bolin, Mike Plesha

MP Job Evaluation: (Joint Committee)

Barrett Honkola, Ray Klitsch, Deanna McIntrye, Jerry Frederick

MP Joint Safety Committee:

Katie Lindsay, Bill Sears, Steve Olson, Bryan Zuehlke, Ryan Keranen

MP Medical Board of Governors:

Angela Langlee, Will Keyes, Jeff Orhn, Dick Sackett

MP Medical Plan Task Force:

Will Keyes (must be present), Dick Sackett (May be present to participate at meetings)

MP Pension Committee:

Brad Trevena, Will Keyes, Brent Anderson, Dale Torma, Andy Kemppainen, Tim Howg

MP Residency Committee:

David Raisanen, Travis Tammi, Kristopher Dickinson, Ronald Staskivige,

​Mike Miner, Brady O'hara, Will Keyes

MP Safety Strategy Committee:

Jerry Frederick, Matt Sheridan, Will Keyes

Scholarship Committee:

Mike Stingle, Leo Trunt

Minnesota IBEW Locals:

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