Minnesota Power Committees

Apprenticeship Committee:

Sheldon Bolin, Mike Smith, Steve Olson, Bryce Biegler

Audit Committee:

Scott Twining, Logan Fischer, Mark Niemi, Justin Nelson, Char Jones

Ballot Committee:

Ryan Keranen (Election Judge), Katie Lindsay, 

Jerry Frederick (Alt.)

Carlton County Central Labor Body:

Tim Ryan

Community Assistance:

Brian Campbell, Tim Ryan, Connie Mitchell, Ken Jones, Mike Stingle

COPE Committee:

Will Keyes, Dick Sackett, Leo Trunt, ​Travis Tammi, Brad Smith

Mike Tverberg

Duluth AFL-CIO Central Labor Body:

Will Keyes, Jordan Marquardt

FR Clothing:

Will Keyes, Mike Plesha, Mike Conradi, Brady O'Hara,

Andrew Serre, Brian Campbell

Iron Range Labor Assembly:

Leo Trunt, Dick Sackett

MP Incident Review:

Erich Scholl, Sheldon Bolin, Mike Plesha

MP Job Evaluation: (Joint Committee)

Barrett Honkola, Ray Klitsch, Chris Bishop, Jerry Frederick

MP Joint Safety Committee:

Bill Sears, Steve Olson, Bryan Zuehlke, Ryan Keranen,

Katie Lindsay, Jeff Love, Seth Gamst

MP Medical Board of Governors:

Angela Langlee, Will Keyes, Jeff Orhn, Jordan Marquardt

MP Medical Plan Task Force:

Will Keyes (must be present), Jordan Marquardt (May be present to participate at meetings)

MP Pension Committee:

Brent Anderson, Andy Kemppainen, Tim Howg,

Will Keyes

MP Safety Strategy Committee:

Jerry Frederick, Mike Conradi, Will Keyes, Jordan Marquardt

Scholarship Committee:

Mike Stingle, Leo Trunt, Brian Campbell

Minnesota IBEW Locals:

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  IBEW Local 31             Duluth Minnesota

List of Stewards

Dan Jones                  Allete Renewable Resources Inc.
Brian Schroeder      Arrowhead Electric
Ken Koosmann            Bayfield Electric
Elaine Kraemer        City of Brainerd (Administrative Support) 

Kim Marquart           City of Brainerd (Administrative Support)   
Clark Backstrom      City of Brainerd (Public Utilities)
Brad Olson                City of Brainerd (Public Utilities)
Jana Pernula            City of Brainerd (Public Utilities)
Dave Ethen                Crow Wing - Swanburg
Gene Retka                Crow Wing 
Justin Wilson           Crow Wing - Brainerd
Parry Eidsmoe          Itasca - Mantrap
Casey Nelson             LCP - Grand Rapids
Brian Grondahl        LCP - Mountain Iron
Adam Marotz              LCP - McGregor
Connie Mitchell       LCP - Mountain Iron
Misty Ryan                LCP - Grand Rapids
Kris Turnbull          LCP - Saginaw
Brian Bentler          Cooperative Light & Power
Jeff Coombs               Mille Lacs Energy (Inside)
Jay Eide                    Mille Lacs Energy (Outside)
Tim Sorensen            Mille Lacs Energy (Outside)
Axel Murphy             MN Energy Resources - Cloquet
Ed Esler                    MN Energy Resources - Crosby
John Buatala            MN Energy Resources - Eveleth
Cody Haucke              MN Energy Resources - Grand Rapids
Jeff Tykward             MN Energy Resources - Thief River Falls
Bryce Biegler           MP (Long Prairie)
Sheldon Bolin          MP (Boswell)
Brian Campbell        MP (Boswell) Unit 4 
Mike Conradi            MP (HSC)
Jerry Frederick       MP (Rowe) Telecommunications
Chase Hough              MP (HSC) Relay and Meter
Tim Howg                    MP (Boswell)
Corey Hynek               MP (Coleraine)
Marty Jobin               MP (HSC) Fleet Maintenance

Gabe Jorgensen          MP (Rowe) Telecommunications
Andy Kemppainen       MP (Boswell)
Ray Klitsch                MP (HSC)
Steve LaFrenier        MP (Eveleth)
Brent Lamppa             MP (Eveleth)
David Lane                 MP (Hibbard)
​Katie Lindsay            MP (HSC)
Jeff Love                     MP (REC)
Joe Mowers                  MP (Pine River)
​Steve Olson                 MP (HSC)
Casey Pederson           MP (Crosby)
Dustin Pickar             MP (Little Falls)
Mike Plesha                 MP (Eveleth)
Matt Purdy                   MP (Eveleth)

David Raisanen           MP (Thomson Hydro)​
Eli Retka                     MP (Little Falls)
Lee Rooda                     MP (Eveleth)
Dick Sackett                MP (Boswell)
Tim Schwartz               MP (Park Rapids)
Bill Sears                    MP (Int'l Falls)
Matt Sheridan             MP (HSC)
Brad Smith                   MP (Little Falls) Hydro
Ronnie Staskivige      MP (Boswell)
Travis Tammi               MP (Boswell)
Leo Trunt                     MP (Boswell)
Mike Tverberg             MP (Coleraine)
Chad Davidson             City of Moose Lake
Char Jones                   City of Proctor
Joel Lingenfelter      City of Staples
Brent Anderson           SWL&P
Ryan Keranen               SWL&P
Andrew Serre               SWL&P
Eric Larsen                 SWL&P
Jon Grenier                 Todd - Wadena
Al Malone                     Todd - Wadena
Stuart Anderson          City of Two Harbors
Gary Ganser                 City of Two Harbors
Reed Barthel                City of Wadena ​​

Scholarships and ​Forms: