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             IBEW Local 31        

The primary function of the Local 31 Committee on Political Education (C.O.P.E.) is to elect men and women who aggressively work for Pro-Worker legislation.

The public leaders we elect to office make decisions that affect our lives. These lawmakers shape the laws that govern us, the taxes we pay and the services our government provides. By taking a lead role in federal, state, and local elections, the labor movement can elect more pro-union candidates and subsequently create a more pro-worker political climate.

The IBEW COPE is funded by volunteer contributions from Local Union members. Your COPE contribution is combined with the contributions of other Local 31 members to make your political voice stronger. Your small contribution becomes part of a much larger force, which enables us to speak as one voice and created valuable political allies. These allies help promote pro-worker legislation and fight anti-working persons and anti-family legislation and laws.

Your Cope contribution is divided between the International COPE Committee in Washington, D.C., and the Local 31 Cope Committee. The International Cope Committee can legally give funds to candidates for national offices; while the local COPE Committee disburses funds to local and state political candidates.

By Participating in COPE Check-off, you will be eligible for a $100.00 per month drawing and a $1200.00 annual drawing to be held in December of each year.

Please support IBEW Local #31 COPE. 

About I.B.E.W Local #31 Cope

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City of Staples                         12/31/2019

City of Two Harbors              12/31/2019

City of Moose Lake                 4/30/2019

City of Brainerd (W&L)        12/31/2018

City of Brainerd (Admin.)    12/31/2018

City of Wadena                       12/31/2020

Crow Wing                              12/31/2019

City of Proctor                        12/31/2019

MN Energy Resources           5/31/2020

Itasca Mantrap                        8/31/2020

Mille Lacs (inside unit)         12/31/2019 

Mille Lacs (Outside Unit)     12/31/2019

Minnesota Power                   01/31/2018

SWL&P                                     01/31/2018

Arrowhead                                 3/31/2021

Bayfield                                     12/31/2018

Cooperative Light & Power    3/31/2018

Lake Country Power               12/31/2018

Todd Wadena                          10/31/2019